So between his busy real estate career and hectic community work, Brad still finds time where he can to engage in some of his creative hobbies. Problem is, you do something long enough and its no longer a hobby.


A ragtime piano whippin’ out boogie woogie blues. A cigar box classical guitar with more mileage and stories than Keith Richard’s face. A rock band in the living room with Formula One Racers right out front. “Can’t Always Get What You Want”? Sure you can.

Welcome to Brad’s world.

Brad has played music for 35 years, making it a true lifelong hobby. While mandatory piano lessons at age 15 didn’t work, playing boogie piano with the guys at school did. This lead to playing stand-up bass for the Leeds University house band “Fat Freddy’s Cat” where Brad opened concerts for some of England’s finest, including Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Elton John and Leon Russell.

Whether it’s playing coffee houses in Denver, enlightened social gatherings in Vancouver, and just having a simple gathering of guitars, drums, keyboards, and those who know how to use a volume knob, Brad will always set his tone with music.


Something about creating art with just a piece of wood and a knife… Brad began his interest in carving on a porch in Denver with a knife, a piece of wood, and some time to whittle. Now, with over 100 pieces completed in a folk art style, Brad’s “whittling” has turned into a passion for creating art by hand – unplugged. He draws inspiration and influence from Native archetypes with spiritual themes.

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